Welcome to the Get Up 8 Podcast


The Get Up 8 Podcast is for those who believe that thriving in life is possible no matter the adversity they face. The topics will be raw, revealing and based on resilience leadership principles. If just getting by in life, accepting that fate has a different plan for you, or you feel that thriving is not possible, the Get Up 8 Podcast is not for you.

If you are ready to find your way through the fog of a challenge, level-up your resilience and stand face to face with the struggles that come at you, you are in the right place. Eric will bring the clarity of living life fully based on his years of personal experience, working with students, school administrators, and clients in both personal and corporate settings. It is up to you to see challenges with clarity in order to move through them and thrive because of them. Living in survival-mode is a choice. So is living life fully. Fall down seven times, get up 8.

Let’s GO!